AMC is giving you another glimpse at backwoods redneck rural America with their newest series, "Small Town Security" which premiers Sunday July 15 11/10c. Is it really worth your time? Small Town Security chronicles the lives and daily activities of the Koplan family and their small private security business, JJK.

I will admit normally I do not get hooked on reality shows very often, only a few have been lucky enough to make to my DVR. However, 'Small Town Security' already has 3 slots reserved for my viewing pleasure! The selling point for the show is now referred to as the infamous Camel Toe incident. Receptionist and part time cosmetologist Christa is wearing one of her usual muffin top inducing outfits when co-owner Joan points out that everyone can see her hooha vagina. This inevitably leads to a discussion of camel toes in which Irwin Koplan, husband to Joan, goes into great detail of what a camel toe looks like. Or you could just simply watch the videos below.



What do you think about our new TV obsession?