Last week's 'SNL' installment significantly raised the bar for the 2014 season with the hosting debut of 'Pitch Perfect' player Anna Kendrick, but can 'Neighbors' star Seth Rogen keep the same standard of quality with his third hosting turn, alongside musical guest Ed Sheeran? Find out in the first 'SNL' promos for this Saturday's latest, alongside first-time promo maker Aidy Bryant!

Clocking in at an impressive five minutes, Rogen's third round of 'SNL' promos draws no shortage of attention to the fact that the 'This Is the End' star hosted twice in the past, while Bryant makes her promos debut. The two nervously discuss how best to film their spot, while another take sees Bryant clamoring for Rogen to make sensual descriptions of 'Neighbors' co-star Zac Efron and his notoriously toned physique.

Most of Rogen's prior outings proved up to standard, though a few notably weak shows this year make it something of a crapshoot to determine if the writing staff will make efficient use of the 'Neighbors' star, who last hosted in 2009 (coincidentally preceding Efron) with a very different writing staff.

While we wait, take a look at the first 'SNL' promos for Seth Rogen's 'SNL' return above, and tell us in the comments what you hope to see from the 'Neighbors' star's third turn in the NBC studios!

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