This guy has to be the world's worst neighbor and the world's worst porch pirate of all time. It's gotta suck to have a package stolen off your front porch or patio, but then you find out it's your neighbor and that's gotta be even worse. Your neighbor is suppose to have your back and keep an eye out for you when you're not around. The same goes for you when they're not around. That's how it's suppose to work anyway, in a perfect world.

The guy in the video walks right in front of the camera or ring doorbell and knows he's on video. Then decides to duck behind the corner only to emerge with his shirt over his head, like no one will know it's him, what an idiot. He doesn't even let his dog inside, it's laughable and I'm sure his neighbor and the cops made quick work of the case of the missing package. I guess he was cited for petty thief, he's lucky his neighbor did seek frontier justice on him.

As online shopping has become more and more popular and prevalent the porch pirate has become a plague in most towns. A lot of places are now passing legislation the has serious consequences for anyone who steals packages off porches or doorstep. In some cases it's a felony and could come with a 5 year jail sentence. These thieves are the worst and are deserving of felony charges for what they're doing.

I've been pretty fortunate, I haven't had any packages stolen at my current house. It's happened in the past, but where I live now everyone is watching out for one another and their packages.

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