In the moments leading up to the NBA All-Star Game, as per usual, they invited a big name singer onto the hardwood to open the festivities with the national anthem. Fergie is not only a great singer who has seen success as both a group and solo artist, she's a great singer... but this didn't go over quite like she probably hoped. The players couldn't keep a straight face, Charles Barkley called her out on it on live TV, and the mockery didn't end there.

As we all know, the internet is a place where nothing is sacred, and everybody tends to pile on just for the fun and anonymity of it. Getting nearly instant reviews such as:

Fergalicious deaf


Star Mangled Banner


I wasn't kneeling in protest, I was praying for her to stop.

Call it self indulgence, or just good old fashion narcicism, but the Star Spangled Banner is a pretty good tune. It doesn't really need someones 'spin' on it, but America can appreciate a job well done. Like when Whitney Houston moved the nation before the '91 Super Bowl. It was so good, it broke into the Billboard Top 20 for a few weeks.

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