When it comes to the deepest reaches of YouTube, I have a knack for finding the truly weird stuff. Just like you, I was kind of catfished into watching this. I clicked on what I thought was a Metallica cover, but after the initial realization, I'm pretty happy I got to experience this.

As far as the species of what you're looking at, who knows. The only coast I've ever lived on was the Coastal Bend of Texas, and I don't remember seeing anything quite like this in the market there... but it was mostly shrimp and typical Gulf fare. Makes me miss eating fresh shrimp. Sure, frozen is OK, but there's nothing like fresh shrimp that still tastes like the sea. Just think about the best seafood you've ever had, and that might take your mind off the mild clickbait. My bad. Also, this channel is full of fish covers.

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