It was sad news for sure.  The Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma made the announcement this week that the annual Spirit of Survival will not be happening this year.

Of all of the cancellations caused directly or indirectly by the wicked COVID pandemic, this one hits the hardest.  I was privileged for the past few Spirit of Survival races to serve as the race emcee and to put it mildly, it changed my life.

Like many of you, my life has been rocked by cancer.  Losing my sweet daddy in the 1990s, and more recently when my best friend was diagnosed.  Cancer sucks, and the Spirit of Survival helped it to suck less because of the hope and help that the race brought to the Cancer Centers of Southwest Oklahoma.  These racers and walkers each had a part in helping find a cure for the deadly disease and helping the Cancer Centers help those that are suffering from that disease.  Whether they need transportation to and from doctor appointments, help with bills, or costly research, the funds raised with your help really did help. My family took part in this event every year as well because it was a way for us, helpless as we are to DO SOMETHING to help.  The kids enjoyed the kids' race and my daughter, best friend and I walked it for several years before I was asked to emcee.  It was a highlight of our year.


I know that this decision wasn't made lightly.  I also know that COVID has affected more than those who contracted it.  It has changed the face of employment all over the country and even in Lawton.  When you are forced to work differently, remotely, it changes productivity.

We had several employees that worked remotely during the pandemic, and it was hard.  I know that the Cancer Centers of SW Oklahoma felt that strain for the last two years as well, yet they were able to change the run to a virtual run, but alas, that was just not possible this year.


There is no word on if the event will continue next year, but I for one, hope it will.  It's important, and I'm already in if they will have me back.

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