The fact that Stan Lee is guaranteed to appear in nearly every single Marvel movie is one of those small little charms of the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I hope never goes away. Sure, some people probably view it as an annoying break in the fourth wall, but it also reminds audiences that we are watching a superhero comic book movie. These movies don’t need to choose between being cartoonish and deadly serious; they can be both, often at the same time, and Stan Lee always helps drive that point home.

The good news, then, is that we have more Stan Lee sightings on the way. While in Toronto for Fan Expo Canada, Lee stopped by the morning television program Breakfast Television (via Heroic Hollywood) and talked about his history with Marvel and his cameos in movies like Iron Man and The Avengers. As part of their conversation, it was revealed that Lee has already filmed his roles for three upcoming Marvel movies: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Doctor Strange (or, as the host mistakenly and delightfully calls it, Doctor Strangelove).

Lee was also asked if he got any say in the size and scope of his cameos. Stan Lee’s answer was, well, the perfect Stan Lee-esque mixture of bravado and good humor:

Oh no no, they decide. If I was deciding it would be a half hour role. They only give me a few seconds, and they’re afraid I’ll overshadow the star. You know how that is.

At 93 years old (!), one does have to wonder how long Lee will want to travel around the world for five second spots in comic book movies that are increasingly removed from his versions of the characters. Still, the man seems as spry as he ever was, and we’ll continue to enjoy his little pop-ins until the day he decides to stop making them. Until then, true believers, excelsior!

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