We're all sad that the State Fair is cancelled this year, but Big Tex will be back better than ever next year.

Earlier this month, we found out that the State Fair of Texas was cancelled for the 2020 season. Gina Norris, the board chair for the State Fair of Texas, said that there was no plausible way to have both the state fair experience while maintaining the safety protocols that the current coronavirus pandemic has plunged us all into. The folks who are in charge of the State Fair want next year to be special.

That is why they sent the 55 foot tall mascot of the State Fair of Texas, Big Tex, for a little makeover. Now moving Big Tex is no easy task. They have been shipping him in pieces, hundreds of miles to South Texas for his makeover. Big Tex is getting a 'facelift' of sorts, getting some new paint and a new hat to go along with it.

Also some work is being done to the mechanical components of Big Tex. Big Tex's 'spa treatment' should be done sometime in late August. Until then, around a dozen people work on him daily so that he can really look his best for the 2021 season.

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