Finally, police agencies across the nation are fighting those annoying left lane drivers.

Some days, it seems that your travels are hampered by people who don't know how to drive. They cruise in the left lane, matching speed to those on their right, for reasons logic can't detect. Whether intentional or not, these people have all the power in the world to mess up your commute. Studies have shown that this annoying behavior actually raises the risk for accidents.

To combat this public nuisance, states are adopting specific left lane laws, and officials are doing their best to enforce them. I know second hand, Texas and Kansas are very quick to hand out tickets.

Oklahoma also has a similar law on the books. In 2010, Oklahoma passed State Law 11309 stating that the left lane of any four-lane or larger highway is to be used almost exclusively for passing... The only exception being when you're needing to pass an emergency vehicle pulled over on the shoulder. That's also a state law, to give officers and first responders a safe buffer from traffic.

Do yourself a favor and pass this around. Bad drivers are everywhere (the worst being from Kansas), let's educate the public.

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