Steel Panther shred master Satchel is the latest rocker to accept our Hello Kitty guitar challenge. Wielding the mini guitar already crushed by legends like Zakk Wylde, John 5 and Mark Tremonti, Satchel actually debuted the “original” version of Steel Panther’s “Girl From Oklahoma” in this exclusive performance.

As Satchel expresses in this clip, “Girl From Oklahoma” was actually inspired by a young lady he met in the second grade, and was inspired by her Hello Kitty gear (her backpack and socks, among other things).

This Disney-esque tale of passion does have a happy ending, with Satchel finally forging a relationship with his muse. Though she would later steal his credit cards and leave him $1.5 million in debt, the memories of his ex-lover are indeed priceless, as is the Steel Panther legend’s sonic tribute.

Check out Satchel’s Hello Kitty Session in the exclusive performance above and be sure to grab one of the axeman’s ‘Pussy Melter’ guitar pedals while you still can. The pedal goes off the market forever on Oct. 1, so click here to order yours.

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