With songs like "Gloryhole," "Gangbang at the Old Folks Home," "17 Girls in a Row" and "The Shocker," it would seem that the idea of getting screwed would be something wholly embraced by the lads in Steel Panther. But, when it's tech companies and record companies at the business end of that shtupping, guitarist Satchel couldn't help but lash out at how the ones creating the art have it worse than ever.

"If you are a songwriter, it's fucked," Satchel said at a Rock City God guitar clinic last month. "I could rant about how Spotify has destroyed all the future earnings of all the musicians for the rest of all time. And it's true. Tech companies came in and they... before, it was the big record companies that were just fucking the musicians: 'Oh, I'm fucking you! Now I'm taking all your royalties.' And the tech companies came in and they bent the record companies over and started fucking the record companies. And they just took the record companies and threw them out of the way and then they started fucking the artists directly," he went on, sarcastically stating, "And it's great."

The nimble-fingered guitarist wasn't done there, explaining that fans now get to join in on the fun. "So now the tech companies get to fuck the artists. And the fans get to fuck the artists too. It's awesome. Like, everybody fucks the artists. The artists are just whores and they go out there and do shit like this for free. It's awesome," decried Satchel.

With that said, he knows the artists aren't going to stop indulging in their passion. "But it's cool," he said, "because if you really dig music and you dig writing songs, you're gonna keep on writing songs and keep on doing it anyway and just fuckin' keep on rockin'."

Steel Panther are working on the follow-up to 2017's Lower the Bar and will hit the road for a brief stretch starting in March. See those stops below.

Steel Panther "Heavy Metal Mardi Gras" 2019 Tour Dates

March 1 - Jacksonville, Fla. @ Mavericks Live
March 2 - Pensacola, Fla. @ Vinyl Music Hall
March 3 - Birmingham, Ala. @ Iron City
March 4 - New Orleans, La. @ Fillmore
March 6 - Nashville, Tenn. @ Marathon Music Works
March 7 - Asheville, N.C. @ Orange Peel
March 8 - Norfolk, Va. @ NorVa

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