Oklahoma may be a slower lifestyle than other parts of the country, but when your guest is a local boy from 'Stilly,' you kind of have to just go with it. James Marsden was born and raised in Stillwater, OK. He even managed a few years of OSU until ultimately he decided a career in Hollywood would better suit him. With his time on The Late Show, they decided to feature some of the more odd spectacles of Payne County.

The only thing weird that jumps out at you in the segment above is this... They call the annual calf fry by a different name. It's Stillwater's 'Testicle Festival.' But for some reason, regardless of the language you hear on network TV these days, the 'Calf Fry Festival.' Seemed odd and short sighted, but the jokes were on point.

If you've never been, Stillwater is about three hours North of Lawton. It features OSU, which holds more national titles than any other sports affiliated school in Oklahoma, the National Wrestling Hall of Fame & Museum, Eskimo Joe's (and the half dozen other Joe's restaurants), the Oklahoma Wondertorium, Lost Creek Safari, one of the most peaceful getaways at Lake Carl Blackwell, and life size Transformer statues. It's a neat place, you might go have a visit some day.

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