In the above video, during a live-stream on Twitch, one of the girls admitted that she killed a dog on purpose because she didn't like the owner. This allegedly happened while she was volunteering at a vet clinic in Santa Cruz, CA. As the internet does, thousands responded by harassing the clinic, trying to find out who she was, and where she currently is. As it gained more attention throughout the day, Santa Cruz law enforcement officials decided to open an investigation.

The streamer now insists she made these comments as a 'bad joke.' Which is something the web is known for, a comedy cemetery if you will, of dark humor. Always trying to one-up each other with a bigger story, funnier joke, or generally just trying to look cool in their own mind. Whether the incident actually happened or not won't be known until the investigation is complete, but as with any 'villain' on the internet, she's being labeled already as guilty.

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