Looks like a scene out of the first 'Fast and the Furious' movie. You know, where they actually street raced and the film had a normal plot.

Last night in San Antonio, police had their hands full when a group of street racers took over stretches of Highway 90 on the West Side, Highway 281 at Hildebrand and I-10. The street racers took over for races and also to do some donuts. Some people were even spotted running down the highway while the action was going on.


Others even shot off fireworks and caused small fires on the roadway. Police got a call about a large group of people driving recklessly in a parking lot. Looks like that group decided to take their fun onto the highway. Police were only able to cite a few drivers. If you want to check out some photos and videos from last night. NEWS4SA got some great shots.


Thankfully no one was hurt. Police were able to arrest and charge one person for street racing. 19-year-old Alan Joshimar Gomez was arrested early this morning for his actions on the highway.

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