Students of the group Philadelphia Student Union, which is a part of a larger organization called the Philadelphia Coalition Advocacy of Public Schools, recently performed a zombie-themed flashmob to Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' in front of the school district's headquarters.

The students were protesting the new plan that would close 37 schools thanks to state budget cuts. They have every right to be angry, as the aforementioned school closings would negatively affect the hopes and dreams of hundreds of students, many of which are relying on education to help them find better jobs.

Despite claims by district officials who say that shutting down these schools would help save them about $28 million, which would in turn be used to help keep the surviving schools afloat, many of the protesting students are extremely skeptical about the officials' ability to handle the budget. They feel that the district officials could've avoided this entire mess if only they had managed their money better and made the students a priority.

However, the Philadelphia Coalition Advocacy of Public Schools, which relies on lobbying to keep them going, has also come up with an alternative budget -- one that clearly prioritizes the students and allows the city to keep the 37 schools running. Despite their creative flashmob idea, only time will tell if the Michael Jackson-loving students will be able to garner enough support and money to keep their beloved schools alive.

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