Throughout the history of meteorology, the best means of getting information about severe weather has always been word-of-mouth from trained weather spotters. All of the computer models and such can only get accuracy to a certain point, but a pair of eyeballs looking into the clouds can tell you absolutely what is going on and where. To be better prepared for severe weather each year, the National Weather Service trains weather spotters all over the United States, and Oklahoma is no exception. With some of the harshest weather on the continent, it's sort of a big deal.

As with pretty much everything for the last calendar year, this free course is offered up virtually for anyone that wants to attend. While some find it easier to learn in an actual classroom, the emphasis and digital presentations aren't lost in a virtual class, but may actually be enhanced. After all, what's the difference between seeing a video on a screen at the front of a classroom vs seeing it on the laptop while huddled in the comfort of your own recliner?

There are several "Open" classes available between now and the end of March, you can opt to be included on one of those. You can also RSVP to be included on the class specific to your county. The Comanche County class takes place on Thursday, March 11th at 6:30pm. As far as the official website states, you have to reserve your spot even in these virtual classes, all of which you can find right here.

It might also be worth re-watching Twister again... you know, just in case you encounters flying cows.

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