Dad With Nerf Machine Gun Unloads on Kids!
Nerf war is hell! Watch as this dad unloads on his two kids with a Nerf machine gun. It's all fun and games until the Nerf bullets start flying and the kids attempt to take cover. What makes it even better is the slow motion action and cut ins with the Platoon movie. I laughed a little too hard…
Five Father's Day DIY Gifts Perfect For Dad
YouTube channel Saira Art & Craft has come to the rescue for this year's Father's Day gift ideas. This Sunday (06-21-20) is Father's Day, don't forget about dear old Dad. Now if like me you've been stuck working non-stop or stuck at the house due to COVID-19 and need som…
Dad Upgrades Daughter's Power Wheel Car
Next Sunday (06-21-15) is "Father's Day" and as we get ready to let dad know how much we appreciate what he's done throughout the years let's take a look at some of the things dad's do for their kids.
Father of Four Hears Silence for the First TIme
A heartwarming video that's sure to touch all fathers. The absence of sound or total silence is something most, if not all fathers are unfamiliar with. Watch as this dad hears what it's like to hear nothing for the very first time. It's an incredibly emotional response and beautiful t…
Dad Narrates Son's X-Box Voice Commands
Dads have an important job to do. As a dad I can certainly appreciate this video and what this father did. Now there's a lot of moms out there that are capable of doing this sort of thing, but dads make it a mission to embarrass and harass the kids.

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