Harry Potter

Guy Plays Harry Potter Theme on His Washing Machine and Dryer
It's not every day you hear the Harry Potter theme played on a washing machine and dryer.This guy is getting the most out of his stuck at home, self quarantined time during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have no idea just how long it must have taken to pull this off, but I'm sure it was hours an…
Dirty Harry…Potter is a Gun Filled Magical Adventure!
Hogwarts and hoglegs, it's the firearm filled magical adventure we've always wanted to see, Harry Potter with guns! Hit play and enjoy "Harry Potter and the Deathly Weapons." Dirty Harry Potter just makes sense, after all who hasn't thought to themselves that the only thing …
Harry Potter Dog is Man’s Best Friend! [VIDEO]
This dog does an amazing Harry Potter impression that's unbelievable! It must have taken years of disciplined training and hard work for this K-9 to mimic in absolute perfection the beloved wizard of Hogwarts. It's spellbinding in it's simplicity and sure beauty... MAGNIFICENT!

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