It's not every day you hear the Harry Potter theme played on a washing machine and dryer.This guy is getting the most out of his stuck at home, self quarantined time during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have no idea just how long it must have taken to pull this off, but I'm sure it was hours and hours if not days. The end result was more than worth it and is bringing smiles to the faces of millions. I've hit play a few times on this one!

The YouTube channel Kurt Hugo Schneider has all kinds of unique and crazy videos. He's a producer and filmmaker who makes some of the most entertaining videos online. Along with his incredible producing and film making skills he can somehow take a washing machine and play it like an instrument. But that's not all he can play all kinds of non-instruments like door locks, ovens and other around the house items.

I bet it gets pretty interesting when someone asks him what he plays. This is why the internet was made, this right here. People are going to all kinds of new heights to combat boredom, unlocking hidden talents and entertaining the rest of us during this crazy time. I can't imagine all the videos we haven't seen yet that people are working on and about to upload. It definitely keeps us going and looking forward to another day. Who knows what will be online tomorrow or the next day.

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