Panera Bread in Lawton is Opening Next Week!
The wait is almost over! Get ready, Panera Bread in Lawton, Fort Sill will be opening next week. The new restaurant is located at 807 N.W. Sheridan Road. It's right across the street from the Walmart on Sheridan and right next door to Raising Cain's Chicken. They've been working on th…
The McRib is Available at Lawton McDonalds!
Today's the day, the McRib is back! The wait is finally over and you can now order the McRib at all Lawton McDonald's. That's what I ate for lunch and what I plan on eating for dinner as well. It'll only be out for a limited time so you have to fill up and eat as many as possible…
Hot Girl Teaches us How to Make a Sandwich Properly [VIDEO]
Despite being distracted by large, bouncy, amply sized breasts I still managed to lean how to make a sandwich! Not well, but I'm still learning. In my attempt to find videos on replacing a blade on my miter saw earlier today, this showed up in the feed and of course I had to hit play.