If the thing you miss most about flying is getting drunk at 30,000 feet, boy have I got something for you.

Natural Light just launched a contest in which one lucky beer drinker and three of their friends will fly around in the company’s private jet while knocking back a few Natty Lights.

It’s called the ‘Flight to Nowhere,’ so it’s not like you can use it to travel home for the holidays or anything like that. Instead, they’ll fly you and your friends around for a few hours so you can pretend to be rich while drinking the last beer you would ever expect a rich person to drink.

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Natural Light (or cheap beer in general, for that matter). Natty Light has come to the rescue on many cash-strapped occasions. I’ve never been above swilling beer of the economical variety. Because, the truth is that there aren’t too many beers I don’t like.

Anyway, to get in on the action, simply let Natural Light know what you would name your private jet if you had one. Post your response on social media using the hashtags #NaturalFlight and #Contest.

Good luck!

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