Take a few short minutes and help Lawton, Fort Sill improve the public transit system. The Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce invites you to take the survey and provide some much needed feedback. Your input will go a long way in assisting the City of Lawton and the Chamber of Commerce in addressing any concerns, changes or improvements that are in need of attention. If you've ever used LATS (Lawton Area Transit System) they would love to hear from you and get your opinions and suggestions.  

Taking the survey is one of the very best ways to directly communicate with city leaders so your voice and suggestions are heard. By being active and providing feedback you're a part of the solution and can help get things done. I think we all have things we'd like to see improved upon, changed or addressed, but these things can't happen unless you speak up and offer your feedback. The City of Lawton and Chamber of Commerce are always looking for input and they make it really easy with online surveys like this one.

All of your responses and involvement are completely confidential so there's no reason not to take the survey. What's sad is the city and Chamber of Commerce provide these surveys and ways for us to assist with input, but very few people actually take the time to participate. Maybe you took the last one as well, the Lawton Community Needs Survey. We have the results from that one, click here to check it out.

Around 237 people took the online survey or questionnaire. A surprisingly low number of participants out of a community of over 94,000 people. Here's your chance to get involved, see the poster below for all the details on the new Lawton Public Transit Survey:

Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce
Lawton, Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce

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