Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night (March 30) and he would neither confirm nor deny the rumors that he is the frontman of Stryper.

In a phenomenon which could only happen on the internet, parody posts that Ted Cruz was, in fact, Michael Sweet from Stryper went viral a couple of weeks ago. Even major news sources reported on the Internet’s sudden fascination with Cruz’s apparent doppleganger. Michael Sweet even shared a widely circulated photo of the online theory:

During a game where Jimmy Kimmel was asking Cruz a series of random rapid-fire questions, Kimmel finished the segment by showing his audience a giant picture of Michael Sweet right next to Cruz’s face. When asked by Kimmel to comment on the validity of his reported Christian rock career, Cruz replied, “Time will tell.”

Unfortunately, this leaves the potential alias of Senator Ted Cruz an ongoing mystery. Stay tuned as further investigative journalism digs up the truth behind Ted Cruz and Stryper.

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