While college is the most desired destination of high school students, not all are college material, and that's not a bad thing. That's why the Elgin Community Library has organized the Career Fair For Teens aged 14 to 19 this Saturday, January 28th from 1 to 4 pm at the Elgin 6th Grade Cafeteria.

Current high school students and recent graduates will gain a better understanding of the current job market, and can better target their expectations and direction of their futures. Librarian Leslie Durham has organized the event, which is a little different than a normal job fair. Instead of meeting potential employers directly, the fair offers more of an over view of what teenagers can expect in the current job market and can better target their career choices.

Teens and their parents will be able to meet with not only representative from colleges regarding degree professions, but also trade skill professionals and college educators. The fair's goal is to give students a better understanding of what they can look forward after graduation and introduce them to possible trades they may have overlooked.

College Students Attend Job Fair In Japan
Photo by Chris McGrath/Getty Images

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