A wise man once said, 'They hate us, cause they ain't us'.


New survey just came out from Best Life Online. They put a lot of work into their hatred index. They started out by calculating the percentage of the population that has recently moved out of each state. An increase or decrease in population does not mean that they hate their state, so other factors were looked at.

Next thing in the hatred index was a Gallup poll that asked people living in every state if they thought their state was the best to live in. Texans actually voted 68% favorable of voting in best state to live in. Next up, an Instagram poll was asked what state do you hate the most? This is how we get our final hatred index number.

New Jersey comes in at number one. A tiny bit surprising, but if you have been to Jersey, you may not be shocked. Next up, Texas. I think it's because we're so prideful in our state and we act like we're the best so we get the most hate. California, don't think I need to explain this one. Then at four, Oklahoma. I imagine a lot of the anti-Oklahoma votes came from Texas and the anti-Texas votes came from Oklahoma. Just a bitter rivalry between us.

The most haters for Texas came from Alaska, California, New Mexico, Oklahoma (DUH!). Oklahoma haters, the survey only said Texas, which is kinda funny. You can see the full survey for yourself here. The most loved state? Idaho, yeah we love you Idaho. Keep those potatoes coming and we will keep the love going.

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