I'm sorry, but the Rangers are 100% wrong if they're truly mad about this.

Man it's nice to have sports back. Nothing like a good sports debate and boy do we have one here in Texas. The other night, the San Diego Padres were taking on the Texas Rangers. Top of the 8th inning, Padres are up 10-3, bases loaded, the call is three balls and no strikes. The Padres manager told Fernando Tatis Jr. to apparently take this pitch.

Fernando doesn't and hits a grand slam putting the score at 14-3. Awesome right? Unless you're a Rangers fan. Turns out this one of those stupid unwritten rules in baseball. Hundreds of these exist and some make more people mad than others. Apparently you don't swing on a 3-0 count with the bases loaded and you have a lead. If you gave me a pitch to hit, I'm gonna hit it. Simple.

The Rangers did some chirping from the dugout after this and I had no idea about this unwritten rule. Seriously? We're getting mad at a player for hitting a grand slam. Fernando actually issued an apology after the game. Seriously?! What are you apologizing for? Blowing out the Rangers? You did your job and hit the ball

It would be really embarrassing if the Rangers blew out an opponent worse than this. Oh believe me, I'm aware of this. The biggest blowout in MLB history is the Rangers demolishing my Baltimore Orioles 30-3. That was literally my first week living here in Texas and my friends in Baltimore thought I cursed the Orioles by moving here.

All I'm saying is that this unwritten rule is B.S.. You're gonna tell me you have a chance to hit a grand slam and take the lead for home runs so far in the season. You're gonna take that pitch simply because you have a lead? Hell no, you're gonna smack that crap out of that ball, any of us would.

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