Since we've sort of been on the subject of holiday light displays with an emphasis on drive-thru status in the year of a pandemic, I was curious enough to seek out who had the best in the nation. No shocker here, Austin was awarded top honors for their larger-than-Texas "Trail of Lights" along the banks of the Colorado River that eases through the capital city. Having had a full 56 years to work on it and expand it, it's huge.

Apparently, this event is usually a walk-through type thing that people from all over are encouraged to explore on foot, but as 2020 has been 2020, driving through is the new thing. Curbside lights if you will. Still, everyone that passes through it talks about how wonderful it is. Whether you're looking to treat the kids to a little Winter Wonderland in a place Winter never really arrives to, or even a getaway date night, it sure does look impressive.

Now, I've covered a few different destinations you can hit to see a little christmas wonder this time of year... Obviously Chickasha in addition to Castle of Muskogee and Elk City, but if you were looking to make a weekend out of it in the only Texas city that acknowledges coronavirus, Austin might just be for you.

Of course, you have to keep in mind, it costs money to enjoy. It's not free but accepting donations like those here in Oklahoma are, but can you really put a price tag on a child's smile? Yes. Yes you can... but it would be something to see.

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