If you didn't already know, there is a legit dark-ages castle village up in Muskogee. While it's a blast to visit year round, it's especially fun around the holidays. They go all-out for Halloween, but Christmas is where this destination really shines. The entire village is decorated with lights, holiday foods, lots of shopping, and fun stuff for the kids. Like anything in this genre of tourist destinations, things usually cost money, but since 2020 has been so bad for everyone, the Castle of Muskogee is opening their display up to everyone to drive through and look for free. That's awesome.

In addition to all of the medieval holiday fun, they're still offering the same activities that they do every year, for the most part. Yes, you'll have to mask up to do them, but we're all so used to it now, might as well make the most of the holiday even if you just drive up for the evening. Your kids will dig the train and hay rides. The luckiest kids will take a tour of the village on their official camel named Cletus, or even hop on some ponies and pretend they're jousting for eternal glory. The shopping village is still planned to remain in operation, but like everything in 2020, it's tentative in how things work around the virus.

If you'd like to check it out, you definitely do, click here to visit the official website. If you're nervous about driving up there, don't be. You literally take the turnpike North to OKC, exit onto I-40 East, and drive until you see the Muskogee sign. Easy peasy. Have fun.

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