As a devoted Mac supporter - I was shocked to find out that a Thai Buddhist was able to communicate with Steve Jobs’ spirit! Yes you read it right – not only is he speaking to the spirit but the monk also knows where Jobs lives. And now you do too.


Phra Thepyanmahamuni (I dare you to say his name three times fast!) was asked by an Apple engineer, who is a member of the sect, if the abbot can speak to Jobs and ask him how he was doing – it’s starting to get creepy up in here.

Thepyanmahamuni summoned the spirit who told him that Steve Jobs is now a divine being.

‘After Mr. Steve Jobs has passed away, he reincarnated as a divine being...His reincarnation is a “Thepphabhut Phumadeva [divinity] of middle rank – half a Witthayathorn, half yak” that lives in a parallel universe not very far away from where he was as a human.’

I am sorry Mr. Thepyanmahamuni you lost us there. Can any one explain what the monk just said? Saksith Saiyasombut, an Asian correspondent, apparently can:

‘Jobs is now apparently “half a Witthayathorn” - a term the abbot came up by himself – and, apparently because of his well-known temper, “half a yak” (not the animal), a giant demon that is mostly seen ‘guarding’ Buddhist temples in Thailand.’

But the abbot had visions a bad trip and even told the misfortune Apple engineer about Jobs current living conditions:

‘Concerning the living space of this new divine being: it is a very clean-cut, simple and middle-sized, six-story in height, which is built with silver metal and crystal in large quantities and that is not very far away from where he used to work in his human form…’

Is it just me who thinks that a building ‘six-story in height’ is a far cry for being ‘middle-seized’? And that’s why I am convinced this ‘abbot’ is a crook.

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