If you'll think back a few months, you might remember the story of an amateur, self-taught rocket scientist that vowed to shoot himself into space, to prove Earth was actually flat... Just let that sink in. Of course, as the story gained in popularity, there was only one thing standing in his way... He's an amateur, self-taught rocket scientist. Not to say you can't have a superb grasp on subject without a piece of paper signifying it, but rocket science isn't the type of hobby one develops without absolute certainty of physics.

As he story built up, the courts and authorities allegedly decided to rain on Mike's dreams, telling him he couldn't fly himself into flat-space on his advertised launch date... which later was speculated that he just wasn't ready... Skip forward to the now, and Mike has done the impossible. As an amateur rocket scientist, he engineered his own manned steam rocket, pumped it up, aimed it for flat-space, and launched himself into the atmosphere nearly 1800 feet.

No word yet if he's compiled the data to prove Earth is flat or not, but I'm sure it's coming at some point after his recovery. You see, someone may have skipped a little math, focusing so much on the launch, they forgot about the landing. At one point, with parachutes deployed, Mike's space-rocket fell to Earth at nearly 350 MPH. It's safe to say he's at the least a little sore.

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