SWOK's legendary Rattlesnake Festival and Flea Market is set for April 19-22, on the streets of Apache, Oklahoma! It's an event that takes place over a few days while area pro and amateur snake-wranglers head out into the wild to find the biggest, baddest 'rattlers' on The Plains. There have been world records set and broken in Apache, and if you've never walked through the downtown snake den, it's something you should see and do at least once.

The best thing about the Rattlesnake Festival is, it won't cost you an arm and a leg to enjoy... unless you get a little too close. You'll see people walking up and down the streets of Apache, pet rattlesnakes in hand. It's a trip. There's good food, fun activities, lots of shopping, and just about the only place you can get fresh fried rattlesnake around.

Be sure to check out and follow the Apache Rattlesnake Festival on facebook for updates. And set yourself a reminder so you don't forget!

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