eHarmony, one of the largest and most popular dating websites, just released their much anticipated dating rescue app – find out what we think about it.


Lets be honest here for a second – we’ve all been there – that blind date, where the guy constantly talked about his video game collection (I’ve never even touched a game controller in my life) or the chick who kept showing pictures of her doll collection (don’t laugh it happened to a friend of mine). At those moments we wish we had someone to come and rescue us – right? Yes and now there is an app just for that.

The Bad Date Rescue app goes beyond any other ‘emergency call’ app. The new app lets you set up what time you need the call – say 5 minutes, 1 hrs, or 3 seconds. Then you get to specify the excuse rescue call – mom needs me, sister lost her keys, boss needs last minute report.

Here comes our favorite part of this new handy app – the app actually goes through your phone book to dig a picture of the person who is supposedly calling you and uses it as a caller ID! Priceless! The Bad Date Rescue App also uses a fake voice on the other line – man this is elaborate – taking a ‘white lie’ to a whole new level.

The awesome app is available for iPhone only though, the only down side we see, but on the flip side the app is FREE!

What do you think of the new Bad Date Rescue app?

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