As the classy ladies around the globe constantly strive to wear less at the beach, this C-String bikini has us intrigued. It's a new age of swimwear.

Ever since the 60s, the popular trend in women's swimwear has been 'less is more,' and I'm not complaining, in fact, you can't hardly beat the surfer movie chicks from a time long ago. The most famous bikini in pop culture being Ursula Andress' suit from the Bond flick 'Dr. No.'

The 70s may have perfected the bikini, the bottoms would hug the hips and the tops would cover just enough, but even Farrah Fawcett brought back the one piece with her iconic 1976 red swimsuit poster.

The 80s and 90s were full of awful fashions. Neons and 'hot' colors, awkward geometric designs, and huge hair women couldn't swim with. It was a bad time for the bikini. But the bikini trend starting coming back into its own at the turn of the century.

I'm not sure if the technology is just slow, or if all the fashion designers out there just wanted a status quo, but sh--t just got real!

The Knarr Company out of Bordentown, New Jersey has launch an absolute assault on fashion in what it has termed the "C-String" bikini.

Yeah, that just happened!

Apparently the minimalist movement is quite the thing overseas, this particular trend being most popular across the beaches of the Mediterranean. I just can't imagine how these can be considered comfortable at all. Literally, you clip swimwear around your snapper. It just doesn't seem right.

I honestly thought it was an internet hoax until I googled it. The official website popped up - It seems like a legit business that sells these little pieces of awesomeness. As I read some of the reviews, I realized the old adage that you really can't judge a book by its cover.

C-String enthusiast Debbie had this to say:

They are very sexy to wear I have 4. I even use them
on the beach (Not Swimming)easy to put on & off.
I am 4 months pregnant and still wearing them.
My husband says that I still looks sexy wearing
them even with my baby bump"

I know what you're thinking, it's as if someone meshed a maxi-pad with a shoe horn, but there must just be something magical about this technological fashion wonder. Now, before you go off thinking this is some sort of internet hi-jinks and/or shenanigans - this is a real thing.

All in all, the C-String bikini seems like a tremendous idea! But in all reality, you and I both know exactly what would happen if this trend took hold stateside. We'd be petitioning congress for licensing the first time your fat sister managed to squeeze herself into one of these.