First off, straight up, this is going to take a while.

Second, it's legal until you use it for illegal purposes.

Third, the NSA already knows every detail of your life, what's the harm in sharing a little more.

The dark web is something that any CSI and/or crime show viewer has seen or heard reference to. Some back alley of the internet where everything illicit is sold. From drugs to blood diamonds, poached ivory, and even people (like the daughter from Taken). The dark web is where you can find all of that. But there are other uses for the dark web too. I've personally never been behind the curtain, but after seeing it for so long in pop culture, it's only natural someone gets curious.

I'll be honest, this looks like far too much work for a little curiosity, but it's interesting to watch the process.

If you're down for trying, good luck. Don't do stupid.


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