When the temperature starts to soar, there's no better way to seize the day than a quick dip in the pool. My favorite big 'ol fat dumb puppy Kiko is just as excited to hit the water as anybody else is. When you get the chance, whether it's the splash pad, pool, or just the sprinkler... get out there and cool off, but some options are in the air as you have to weigh the variables, for instance...

Splash Pads:
2020 is the year of pandemic, and with Covid-19 currently having a revolution of its own throughout the United States, and that presents a problem for people looking to take advantage of the splash pad. While the kids seem to be the least effected members of the population when it comes to this virus, parents sit around, conversing in close proximity giving pretty good odds to the idea that this may be a breeding ground of coronavirus. All the same, while it may not affect healthy kiddos, they sure can bring it into your home.

While pools have always been a great way to cool off on those blistering SWOK days, the refreshment only lasts a few days or weeks. Eventually, that pool heats up to bathtub levels of warmth, and the cool refreshing rush of hopping in becomes a thing of Summers past. All the same, you can always add more cold water off the hose to cool things back off, but if you're like most, your water bill is high enough already thanks to a history of worthless elected city officials.

See pools.

Whatever you do to cool off during the hottest weeks of the year, do so smartly. Don't chug cold beverages when you're hot. This can lead to cold water shock, leaving you feeling terrible and achy for the rest of the day. Instead, run cool water from the sink over your forearms. With thin skin and big arteries, you'll cool off pretty quick. Stay hydrated, cook something on the grill. That has nothing to do with cooling off, it's just grilled meats are lifes best meats.

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