Throughout the production of Fast 8, the cast and crew of the upcoming film have used their Fridays as a time to share some pretty great photos and video on the movie’s Facebook page. Some of these posts have been behind-the-scenes videos of a shot in progress; others have been footage of the cast involved in charity work in the various countries they have visited. Each post not only suggests the size and scale of the movie but also the impact of the film series on audiences across the world.

Nothing, however, compares to their final post (via Heroic Hollywood), a panoramic photo of the main cast from Fast 8. From Vin Diesel to Kurt Russell to Charlize Theron to Dwayne Johnson  —  yes, he’s in the photo too, and standing an appropriate distance away from Diesel given their ongoing creative differences  —  there has never been a publicity photo quite like this one.

Fast 8 Cast Photo
Universal Pictures

There has never been so much ‘cool’ captured in one photo. It doesn’t even matter what your definition of ‘cool’ looks like. Future generations, huddled around campfires in the cold post-apocalyptic nuclear winter, will carry tattered printouts of this photo as proof that humanity used to be capable of such great things. Wise old blind men will tell epic stories about Theron and Michelle Rodriguez, who proved to countless doubters that women could kick butt. They’ll sing songs about The Rock and The Kurt, men who needed no last name to be loved around the world. And when they rebuild the world centuries from now, they will do it in this photo’s image.

Fast 8 is set to race into theaters on April 14, 2017.

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