So Jeri from the KLAW Morning Crew popped a question this morning about personal ethics and morals. It seems that she lost a few c-notes over the weekend. Naturally, she re-traced her steps to try to find them again, but to no avail. So the question was, if you stumbled across some money, what would you do? But the answers aren't super clean cut.

Sure, I think most would want to do their best to return a wad of cash to its rightful owner, but there are variables.

If I'm standing around in McDonalds or JCPenney, and I find money on the ground, the right thing to do is turn it over to a manager. In a controlled situation like that, someone is bound to come looking for it.

On the other hand, If I'm walking out of Walmart and stumble across money in the parking lot, what is the recourse then? Is the universe telling me I need an extra five bucks? This actually happened to me last year. I was making my Sunday morning grocery run, and I walked right over a $20 bill. I picked it up and dropped it in the red bucket on my way in. Easy come, easy go right? All the same, if it had happened to me in the heat of Summer, I might have given it to the Patriot 13 next door in exchange for some tickets.

I think the real moral of the story might be a lesson of why the world has wallets. I get it, for men, it's a little easier to pull off the pocket wallet. I've got a few sisters and a mother that also hates carrying their purses all the time, so pocket cash it is. And it seems that they tend to lose that money on occasion. I understand why nobody would want to lug around luggage all the time, but why aren't wallets more popular for women? If it's not weird for women to stuff cash in their pocket, why is it weird to carry a wallet? It's a much easier way to keep track of loose money. That's why men carry them. Easy, inconspicuous, and functional.


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