I completely understand there's a bias against Nu Metal in the world, but as a person of that generation, I still love every bit of it. I don't care how many people say liking it is due to a lack of good musical influence, I still love all of it. Korn was my generations Slayer. Linkin Park was my generations Metallica. Limp Bizkit was my generations Motley Crue.... Embarrassing to look at, but still good music.

That all being said, there was a movement of rock post-grunge, and it was just poppy enough to be popular, and heavy enough to qualify. It was the genre that did away with genres.

Think about that. Before Nu Metal, a person was defined by the single genre of music they liked. There wasn't many people flipping between rock, pop, and country music out there. Post Nu Metal, even our radio station dabbles into rap, country, and pop hits because that's how people listen to music nowadays. There are no genres. It's all just music now.

It's a long video, and you'll probably have some things to say about it if you make it through the whole thing on a lunch break some day. Enjoy.

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