In late summer 2017, Honda hit the auto circuit with something nobody thought Honda would make. An electric car. Being the most highly regarded of the Japanese automakers, it was a shock that Honda wasn't on the electric vehicle bandwagon. They make motors. Arguably, the best motors in the world. Whether it was for a passenger car, motorcycle, generator, etc... They just work very well for a very long time, but everything eventually evolves.

Enter the Honda E.

It's a sporty, compact, very European EV that stays true to the Honda principals of doing business. Long life, low cost. The new "E" will raise consumer eyebrows, but in the scale of electric car makers now, the price is a low $32,000 for the entry model in the US provided there's still a rebate for going electric. Also staying true to Honda principals, the gap between well equipped base and fully loaded models is rather slim. With all the bells and whistles, top end on this new EV will be around $36,000 with that same rebate.

True, you're not going to have the range or luxuriousness of a $100k Tesla, but it's not made for the elitist rich. It's made for the practical average human being. I doubt very many family trips take place in this tiny car, but it's a solid alternative to the crappy motorcar brands in that same price-range.

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