2021 is a whole new year and things are continuing to look up for how we're going about getting back to normal. The YMCA Kids Summer Camp is once again open to any and all kids/parents that want to join in the fun, and if that's not a step back towards normal I couldn't tell what is.

If you don't know what the YMCA Kids Summer Camp is, it's basically something for your kids to do during the time they'd normally be in school. I hate to use the word "day care," because it's so much more. I loved being a YMCA Summer Camp kid when I was young. Time were a bit different, and I'm pretty sure I spent most of my time in the diving pool. It was like a badge of honor every kid received after swimming across the lap pool to prove you could swim. I'm not sure how deep our dive pool was, but it might as well had been thirty feet deep. If I wasn't in the pool, I was either in a weight lifting class for kids my age or skinning my knees in the racquetball courts. YMCA Kids Summer Camp was a blast.

Now, I have no idea what Summer Camp is all about these days, I don't have little ones and it's been some twenty-ish years, but if you were looking for something awesome for your kids to do this summer, this might be just the thing they'll need after such a restrictive year of local politics and mall purchasing. On thing your Lawton Family YMCA speaks of is how Kids Summer Camp is more than just activities. I mean, there's plenty of activities but there's also a lot of focus on developing your childrens minds. A focus on learning... at least that's what I read in the flyer, with is as follows.

If you're wondering how you'll be able to get your kids into a new normal this upcoming summer break, this might be just the start you're looking for.

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