Those who write the history gain control over how the story is told. No arguing that, it's a fact. Even though I rail pretty hard all the time about social media and the pathetic egos that define their personalities by it, social media proves to be a good thing in times of crisis. For instance, if you turn on the news, any news right now, you'll probably see the worst in people being broadcast to the world. Looting, beatings, confrontation, etc... but if you look around social media, you see the stories the media doesn't want to share with you. Your fellow humans doing the good things in the midst of all of the chaos. It's the little pieces of wholesomeness that tend to be captioned with "Why isn't the media showing these people doing good?" And you want to know why they aren't showing the good stuff? Money.

Money is the lifeblood of any business in the world, and nothing sells quite like must see TV. A nationwide crisis is exactly the thing the media counts on to keep people coming back for more. If they showed the good stuff, people might relax a little bit, thus eliminating their urge to check back and see if things are getting better. When tempers cool off and the confrontation cedes, it's no longer must-see-TV. You keep people riled up as much as possible and that equals more viewers tuned into the world around them. More viewers = more ratings = more dollars. It's honestly that stupidly simple.

Sure, people like to wash the media in the idea that it's secretly controlled by some super-powerful villain, but it's not. This is the reason you see the same stories almost identically written across multiple outlets. Nobody wants to miss out on earning dollars during a crisis, and those inflammatory stories are written to inspire both sides to be angry at the same time.

You want to know how you can beat the media at their own game though? Turn it off. Don't be a pawn in their chess game of market share and ratings. This doesn't mean you should turn a blind eye to the world, it just means you shouldn't let someone else spoon-feed you a narrative that isn't your own. As we've seen time and time again, the media is lying to you about the events surrounding us all, and they're using our emotions to make money turning us all against each other.

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