Only a few times in a persons life will they ever witness something truly despicable in person. These are moments in time that are usually grotesque. Sometimes they're nasty in a gross sort of way. Often it's moments when we see the worst in people. I'm sure there are a handful of stories that I could tell, but for the life of me, I can't think of any of them from my own past right now. You know why? I just witnessed the most despicable thing I think I've ever seen with my own two eyes.

Up the street from the downtown studios, there's a little "Blessings Box" in front of a salon. Every day, someone puts things in this box that our local homeless population could benefit from. Things like simple foods, personal hygiene items, and clothing. It really is a nice gesture that some humans are looking after the most unfortunate in our society. It's commendable... but as with anything that is left out for the general public to use their best intentions on, there's one person that has to ruin it for everyone else.

As I was driving down D Avenue, coming to the end of my daily six mile morning commute, I saw the most horrible example of a human being I've ever seen. Which is saying a lot because I remember watching the news when the second plane slammed into the second tower on tv. The woman in the little white four-door car in front of me pulled up to that little red "Blessings Box" in front of that salon, and two boys jumped out with a sack. Doors left open, anonymous Karen behind the wheel shouting directions. The first little boy opened the door of that donation box, the second opened the sack, and they started taking every single little item out of that box meant for the most unfortunate members of this community.

I could not believe what this woman was doing. I would have snapped a photo of it had I not been taken by the sheer surprise and disgust of the incident. It was appalling. Stealing from the homeless. Stealing from fellow citizens that left those goods there for the homeless. Stealing for the smallest amount of selfish gain.

As I parked my truck and turned to look back, the car flew away with speed and all I could think is "How can any self respecting parent influence their kids to commit theft?" And before you say something about me "judging" a stranger, she deserves it. Nice car, nice clothes, handsome kids, tell me they're less fortunate than the guy that sleeps on our back stoop. The guy that often visits that box to retrieve his single portion of food for the day as to not take more than he needs in that moment out of compassion for those he shares his situation with.

I'll tell you the truth, I'll see this woman again, probably doing the same exact thing, and I'll be prepared. I've started driving with my phone out of my pocket since that day, and I plan my trip to and from work to drive past as many of these donation boxes as possible.

It costs zero dollars to be a good person in this world. Feel free to be evil yourself, but don't drag your kids down to hell with you.

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