With the passing of 'Constitutional Carry' in the state of Oklahoma, more questions than ever are popping up across social media and family circles about issues and problems that could arise. Let's discuss a few of these.

"With everyone carrying guns now, there's gonna be gunfights in (name any place)."

Why is it that everyone always jumps to eleven? I can remember hearing this exact statement the last time they modified the carry laws, allowing for open-carry. Even hardcore, self-proclaimed 'Pro 2A' gun nuts were criticizing that law... and to date, there is yet a single example of Oklahoma having become the Wild West again.

Carrying a firearm is not something a person takes lightly, or at least it shouldn't be. Granted, these may be personal opinions, but I'm gonna take a page out of the 'Politicians Guide to Campaigning' and state them as facts. There will be a few idiots that hop out there carrying their Taurus PT-notarealgun in the cheapest nylon velcro holster they could find, strutting their stuff through frozen foods getting high off their own ego... But this person does not represent a very, very large majority of responsible firearm and freedom loving people.

99% of people who lawfully carry a firearm in a manner so dang responsible, you won't have a clue that they're packing heat.

"I don't think people should be able to carry without a permit, because they won't need a background check with this new law."

If a person wants a permit card to travel with, they will have to submit to OSBI for that. In that process, an individual will have to pass a rigorous background check. Additionally, purchasing a firearm from a licensed dealer will still require a federal background check through ATF Form 4473 as always. Of course, if you're buying a firearm from an individual, that transaction doesn't require a background check and is completely 100% legal, provided a person is lawfully allowed to own a firearm.

"I don't like this. People will be able to carry guns without the proper training."

To obtain a handgun permit, Oklahoman's have had to attend eight hours of training prior to applying for permission to exercise their constitutional rights. If you've taken a handgun permit/concealed carry course, you'll know that it's not training at all, nor do they ever last eight hours.

I've taken four of these classes across the state, and each one is the same. Paid for the first, sat in to audit the other three. An instructor reads you the law. They really emphasize the parts you'll need to remember when taking your written quiz later. You get a few examples, but the gist is don't pull your gun unless you're prepared to kill. And if you shoot, shoot to kill so you don't get sued by the person you shot. This may not be your experience, but in four different classes with four different independent instructors, they were identical in these principals. Total time of classroom type training? An average of three hours.

"But then you have to do your actual firearm training right?" Eh, technically...

I'm sure this is probably some sort of requirement to 'prove' you can responsibly handle a firearm in front of your instructor, but at all four classes I attended, it was more-or-less, shoot these fifty rounds of bullets as fast as possible. Marksmanship not required, and in three separate classes, at least one person ended up accidentally pointing a gun at another person, which the instructors promptly corrected, but still signed off on their permit paperwork.

Training is now as it has always been... the sole responsibility of the firearm holder. If you don't know how to properly handle and responsibly fire you gun, don't carry it until you do. You should know the entire in-and-out of your gun before relying on it to protect your life.

"They should still require a license, what if criminals and felons are carrying?"

If you've said this, ball up your fist, and punch yourself as hard as you can.

Here is the long and short of that thought train... Criminals don't follow the law. The inability to obtain a permit is not going to stop someone who wants to carry a concealed firearm, from carrying their firearm. Until November 1st, a person is still required to have a license to carry a gun... Do you really think nobody is carrying guns without one of these current licenses? Breaking the law is literally what makes a person a criminal. Don't worry about it, or better yet, lets just make crime illegal. That'll stop em.

There are a ton of talking points being thrown out about this legislation, and most of them are really only questions due to a lack of being informed. Oklahoma will (probably) not become the Wild West it once was. Background checks will still be done. Criminals don't follow the law.

This entire touchy subject is far easier to grasp this way:
If you don't want to carry a firearm, don't.
If you do want to carry a firearm, do... but be a grown-up about it responsibly.

And if you're buddy shows up with a new Taurus PT-pretendgun, be a bro and let that person know, Taurus doesn't make real firearms.

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