The rock world is full of some of the biggest stars and, subsequently, some of the biggest egos, as well. As bands hit the road with each other, run into one another at various award shows and celebrity events, personalities are bound to clash — and they have!

From punch outs at the MTV Music Awards to endless lawsuits to bitter social media exchanges and beyond, some of rock and metal's biggest names have engaged in memorable feuds over the decades. While tempers have simmered and cooler heads have prevailed in recent years, ending long-standing battles between rockers, other feuds remain red hot and burn to the touch.

For a few, time has not healed the wounds, but merely prolonged the engagement as barbs are traded in the press whenever these contentious issues bubble back up to the surface, only to explode once again.

In this list, we've chronicled inner band conflicts as well as musical rivals and their public disagreements. Who can forget Sharon Osbourne's egging of Iron Maiden at Ozzfest, Vinnie Paul and Philip Anselmo remaining at odds after Dimebag's death or Varg Vikerenes' high profile killing of his Mayhem bandmate Euronymous?

They're all here and more, so scroll through the gallery below to relive the 25 Nastiest Rock Feuds.

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