Even after the much needed rainfall last week, Mother Nature is throwing a threat of wildfires at our region! When high winds meet high temperatures, humidity tends to drop. When the atmosphere dries out under these conditions, parts of our state switch from tender-box status into full-on power-keg! Just the slightest spark or ember could light new fires in our corner of the state.

While Comanche County is not currently issued a Red-Flag Warning or burn ban, much of our Western counties are. If you're still planning some outdoor fun, you'll want to be a grown up about your activities. If you're grilling, try to do so with gas. While charcoal may taste better, little fire-hot embers are it's calling card. If you're in a rural setting, you might hold off on lighting that trash pile just yet. While the rain we received last week was welcomed, it wasn't enough to bust our drought.

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