Well it's almost done. The new Lawton Public Safety Center should be opening very soon. Maybe as soon as late April, or early May 2021. It's an impressive building that stretches between Larrance and Railroad street to Gore Blvd. Construction has been on going since October of 2017 so it's taken a little over 3 years to complete. As big as this property is and all that will be housed in it I thought it would take longer to build. But even with the COVID-19 pandemic it's coming along pretty fast and will soon be open and fully operational.

The new Lawton Public Safety Center will be the new home for Central Fire Station along with the Lawton Police Department. The new center will also be the new home for the city jail and municipal court. Once finished it'll be a one stop stop. It's a beautiful building, not to mention HUGE! Looking forward to seeing the inside and all that they've done with all the various departments. It's definitely going to be state of the art!

Chief James Smith spoke with us this week and told us that they'd be moving to the new facility sometime April/May. As you can imagine everyone is excited to make the move and get settled. He also told us that they're considering doing a virtual tour of the new building when they do the ribbon cutting. This way everybody gets a peek and they don't have to worry about the COVD-19 pandemic and crowds. As soon as we're able we'll get some pictures of the inside and share them with you. Can't wait to see it.

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