Get ready for bargains and treasures galore! The 11th Annual Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale returns Friday, May 7th and Saturday, May 8th 2021 (05-07-21 through 05-08-21). The event takes place the first weekend of May every year featuring 2 full days and 100 miles of yard sales that stretch across several central and northeastern Oklahoma towns. It's a great drive and you get to visit some really cool small towns along the way. It's the perfect stay-cation for the family and a chance to get out on the road, do a little sight seeing and of course shop for bargains along the yard sale route. You never know what you'll find and come home with.

The Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale is basically a route that takes you to various towns that all have city-wide yard sales going on that weekend or have focused their sale to a specific area like a city park or main street. Everyplace you travel to along the route will have yard sales going on for you to check out and shop. It's a really unique and cool event, I've never done it, so this year we're making plans to jump in the car and see what we can't live without. As the saying goes "One man's junk, is another man's treasure."

So far the towns that are confirmed for this year's yard sale are all listed above in the poster. More could be added in the next few months. You can also get additional information and details by visiting the official Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale Facebook Group. You can go to their official website. Theirs also a Facebook event page set up for the 2021 Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale that will be updated with additional details as they're available. Looking forward to the 11th Annual Oklahoma 100 Mile Yard Sale May 7th and 8th 2021!

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