I have no ideal who thought this up, or why. Most internet challenges are harmless fun but some are really quite dangerous. The latest stupid interweb craze for teens and even some idiotic adults is the Tide Pod Challenge. People are eating or at least chewing up Tide Pods on video in search of internet fame and fortune. This poor kid wasn't so lucky and sustained serious injuries to his lungs and throat.

Now it shouldn't take a doctor or health expert to tell you this a really bad idea. Wait, I guess it does for some people and that's way there's a video featuring the experts explaining why you shouldn't do this. Not only is it incredibly stupid and I'm sure tastes really bad, but it's dangerous as well. The solvents and detergents used in these pods are very toxic and were never made for human consumption. They can cause injuries and even death. Maybe that's why there's a WARNING LABEL on the packaging?

You're lucky if all that happens is you spit it out and have a bad taste in your mouth. More often than not the Tide Pod challenge is causing long term health issues to the entire digestive system and lungs. So do us all a favor skip this one and browse the web for hilarious memes and videos like a normal person for a change.

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