Looking around Oklahoma's 77,000 square miles, it's easy to miss out on all of the small towns that dot the land. Sure, we know most of the big towns by heart, even those in different corners of the state, but the smallest of them all are only known because someone like me came along to tell you about it. Out of the 599 towns scattered across our state, here are the five smallest towns in Oklahoma.


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    Cooperton, OK

    If you've ever heard the Emergency Broadcast System fire off a storm warning in Southwest Oklahoma, odds are you've heard of Cooperton. It's a sprawling city of just under half a square mile Northwest of Lawton over in Kiowa County. Sporting an estimated 15 residents, it just made the top ten on this list. If you've ever driven through, it's hard to picture how big it used to be. At one point, almost 200 people lived there.

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    Shamrock, OK

    Way up in Creek County, in the middle of nowhere, but still somehow nestled between OKC, Tulsa, and Stillwater, you'll find the blink-and-you'll-miss-it town of Shamrock. The latest count of the population there hits at 14 total persons.

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    Renfrow, OK

    Even I have to admit, this one came out of my own past. Years ago, in high school and college, I worked for a farmer because it was good hard work and there was never a shortage of hours. While we spent most of our time cultivating the land around my hometown, we also had a few weeks each year where we farmed in a Grant County city called Renfrow. I'll be honest with you, the only place in that town I ever saw was the co-op and the highway to Caldwell, Kansas. It's almost shocking to learn that rural metropolis has only twelve residents.

    Loveland, OK also boasts a mere 12 residents too, but I've never been there, even though it's also in our own backyard here in SWOK.

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    Knowles, OK

    Way up in the panhandle of the state, where the counties get huge area wise, but small population wise, lies the city of Knowles. While Beaver County is massive, Knowles is just 0.2 square miles, which is a good thing since they only have ten whole residents.

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    Oak Grove, OK

    One of the smallest surviving towns of one of this states seven land runs is Oak Grove. Existing in the Southeast corner of a sort-of triangular shaped Pawnee County, the remaining population there only numbers nine people.

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    Jefferson, OK

    Grant County appears for a second time on this list. It's the county that produces the most tiny towns in our great state. It's pretty much the same story as Renfrow... rural community, big co-op, lots of farmers, etc... Total population, eight.

    Gideon, OK also tied at this spot on the list, but as it's unincorporated territory, it's not really worth the mention.

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    Wickliffe, OK

    Before you ask, let me say "no." I have no idea how you pronounce Wickliffe, Oklahoma. Odds are, it's just like it's spelled, no fancy pronunciations whatsoever. Located about an hour and a half East of Tulsa, it's not an easy place to visit as most of the roads that will get you there are small and famously unmaintained.

    Oddly enough, this is one town you wouldn't expect on this list. At the turn of the century, there were 99 people living in Wickliffe. In 2010 there were still 75 residents. Now, in the present, only seven people still live there.

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    Lambert, OK

    Shooting back over to Northwestern Oklahoma, you'll find the tiny community of Lambert. You guessed it, another big agriculture community where most of the residents live beyond the city limits. Settled in the 1893 land run along the Cherokee Strip, it's story to statehood is an interesting one. It's been in the same place since founding, but it's existed in two different counties over time. Population six.

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    Hoot Owl, OK

    Stopping in Mayes County for a second time on this list, and in what might be the coolest town name in the entire state, you'll find a teeny little town called Hoot Owl.

    Hoot Owl's claim to fame is this... It's one of the youngest towns in Oklahoma, incorporated in 1977 by a family of just three people. That number peaked in 1990 with five total residents, but later fell landing Hoot Owl at #2 on this list with four current residents.

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    Lotsee, OK

    You might think that Tulsa County is full of a pretty large town surrounded by several small, but still sizable towns, but that's just not the truth. You see, Tulsa County has this huge dog-leg that jets way out West of Tulsa, encompassing several towns that would otherwise be enjoying lower taxes of any other county... In that big dog-leg, you'll find the smallest town in the entire state of Oklahoma, ironically named Lotsee... It's ironic because there's not a lot to see there. The entire town is just 0.02 square miles. That's just shy of 13 acres, which is just about two square blocks in Old Town North. Sporting a population of two, they proudly appear at the top of the list when it comes to the smallest towns in Oklahoma.

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