It's Oklahoma's first and only drone festival and expo, the Thunderbird Drone Festival in Woodward, OK. gets underway tomorrow (08-13-21) and runs through Saturday (08-14-21).

So what is a drone festival? It's a festival that features everything from vendors, movies, panels, races to drone scavenger hunts. They have a little bit of everything going on. If you're a drone pilot or operator yourself, or not, it looks like a great time.

The Thunderbird Drone Festival will feature an international film festival that highlights drone filmmakers. You'll see all kinds of videos and movies that were shot using drones. Some of the very best pilots and filmmakers will be showcasing their work.

A really unique event that will take place at the festival is a drone scavenger hunt called Scavendrone. It's a 48 hour photo scavenger hunt that will have pilots from all over the world competing.

The expo and panel part of the festival will host some of the industries most talented developers, pilots and technology. You'll be able to get up close and personal with all the latest and greatest products and companies. There will be tons of vendors, booths, displays and experts on hand for Q&A and exhibitions.

One of the coolest things that will be taking place at the Thunderbird Drone Festival is the Sky High Shootout FPV (First Person Video) races. It will take place in a huge 50,000 warehouse on the West side of Woodward. It's not only a race, but an obstacle course that will challenge pilots from all over the country.

You can get all the details and tickets for the Thunderbird Drone Festival by visiting their official website or go to their official Facebook page.

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